Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Message To Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels

Poison frontman and reality TV star, Bret Michaels, suffered a relapse in his health, after a brain hemorrhage (aneurysm) that occurred last month. Last week, he suffered a stroke, which is a different type of brain bleed.

As some of you know, I sustained an unprecedented brain hemorrhage in October 2008. I have not incurred a repeat aneurysm since and would like to offer Michaels some friendly advice.

First of all, you should take it easy. I've read of your tour and television plans and it will jeopardize your health. You've already been doing stressful interviews since being released from the hospital and have actively been planning a comeback, slated to launch in a matter of days, which is ill-advised.

For two weeks after I had the aneurysm, centered in a part of the occipital lobe that doctors had no precedent for, not even in the Mayo Clinic database, I could not even see straight, as the phrase goes. Literally. Things were blurry and I couldn't even read the text on television shows.

I even struggled to read items on my computer screen, as two lines of text, would merge into one line, due to the aneurysm. My 20/20 vision was gone, but after constant prayer, my vision returned in two weeks.

Vitamins And Iron Supplements

The things that helped me were quite simple and I believe they will help you as well. Take a good, reputable multi-vitamin. Take iron tablets as well (if your doctor says it is okay for you), as it helps with the blood and can ward off anemia, which I experienced. Anemia can contribute to and intensify the dizziness brain bleeds create. You should also drink plenty of sugarless fluids.


After a hemorrhage, the probability of depression is pretty high, due to the trauma one has sustain. Your mind begins to process the fact your brain was bleeding, which can become unsettling. Most medical journals indicate, one can become depressed and tearful without warning, after said event. It's also a physical reaction in the brain that will affect your emotions for a time.


Watching funny, light hearted shows, even some from your childhood that made you happy, will lift your mood. I rediscovered old sitcoms and movies that made me laugh and it cheered me up.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is also good. Many underestimate the positive effects of music therapy on people's cognition, emotions, well being, will to survive and mood. Soothing and inspirational music helps the brain and boosts serotonin levels. It also has a calming effect, which relieves involuntary and unwanted anxiety and depression brought on by hemorrhages.

Headaches And Head Pains

After brain bleeds, one will experience a new breed of headaches and head pains. It is almost as though the diametric of the brain has changed for some, making one prone to more severe head aches and potential repeat hemorrhages.


Be careful regarding the medicine doctors will prescribe, as some such as Topamax, will do more harm than good and you can develop other terrible maladies such as metabolic acidosis, which can turn deadly if not treated in time. In short, watch what they give you for the headaches and head pains, as it can deteriorate your health even further.


Nausea will be another problem, which can get pretty bad, constantly provoking your gag reflexes, before, during and after meals. Green tea or ginger tea helps with the nausea that becomes persistent for many. Deep breathing and holding your head back for a short period of time, helps suppress your gag reflexes urge, to make you conduct an involuntary regurgitating session with the toilet bowl.

Bret, that's green tea, not weed. I know you're a musician, so I have to be specific

Once again, touring and constant air travel is not a good idea for you right now. Changes in altitude and cabin pressure will wreak havoc on your head, creating intense headaches and head pains.

The stress of traveling on tour, long lines, flying, tour buses, checking into hotels after retrieving your luggage, sound checks (another serious headache source) is not good for you at this time.

You need to give yourself a chance to heal, as the blood from the initial hemorrhage and separately the stroke, most likely have not reabsorbed into the brain yet. Significant stress can cause another aneurysm or stroke, decreasing your probability of survival, which is very serious. Best wishes on your recovery.