Tuesday, May 4, 2010

David Cameron Vows To Bring Troops Home From Afghanistan

David Cameron and wife Samantha

David Cameron, the head of the British Conservative Party, seeks a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, if he is elected Prime Minister of Britain. The national elections are slated to take place Thursday, May 6, 2010.

Cameron has made his presence felt, in a race between incumbent, Gordon Brown and Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg. Cameron has also offered sensible economic ideas, to help revamp Britain, during this terrible global economic crisis.

David Cameron looks to Afghan withdrawal

British troops would start coming home from Afghanistan during the next Parliament under a Conservative government, David Cameron has suggested.

In the party's clearest signal yet of a timetable for withdrawal, Mr Cameron rejected the idea of setting an "artificial deadline".

But he added: "We've been there already for eight or nine years. That's already a long time. We can't be there for another eight or nine years...