Thursday, May 20, 2010

Age Differences In Relationships

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry

In past articles, the Judiciary Report has explored the topic of age differences in relationships and the impact it has on those involved. The break up of actress, Halle Berry and boyfriend, model, Gabriel Aubry, is another reminder, bringing the topic back into the forefront.

Berry is 43 and Aubry, 34. It has been reported the age difference, a wandering eye and income disparities caused the split. It is strange the age difference allegedly played a role in this particular break-up, as it really should not have impacted this couple.

They are two very good looking people. Halle is in fantastic shape and looks much younger than her age, easily passing for someone in her twenties. Aubry is very handsome and young, but surrounded by beautiful models in his age group.

Color should not have impacted this couple either. The Judiciary Report believes it was more a case of two people not being suited to each other in the personality department.

There is a bit of a double standard in society, as people do not pay much attention when a woman dates a man 10-15 years old than herself, but when it is the other way around, people talk.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

For example, actress, Megan Fox, 24 dates actor, Brian Austin Green, 36 and people don't really comment on the age difference in articles. He financially supported her as an unknown at age 18, taking her into his Hollywood home and providing Fox with a stable home life.

The Judiciary Report does not promote couples living together without the benefit of marriage. Two people being married is the best solution and is more meaningful.

When actress, Demi Moore, 48, married actor, Ashton Kutcher, 31, the public commented on the 17 year age difference and many times, not in the most flattering manner. When they met, Kutcher was in his 20's and Moore in her 40's, which made the age difference even more apparent. She also got him involved in the brainwashing cult Kabbalah.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

It makes women age conscious to date a younger man, more than a man would be in the same situation, if he were dating a younger woman. Women are usually realistic, while men sometimes delude themselves in such situations, believing the younger person's intentions are true, when it is not always so.

The Judiciary Report is not judgmental towards people of different ages falling in love, because at the end of the day, it is their business. This article is simply a look at the problems they face, when the age difference is very significant.

In the real world, many people with age differences have had successful marriages. However, in Hollywood, vanity and superficial conduct comes into play and destroys said unions.

People start to tell others who they should be with and what age they should be and sometimes it goes against preexisting relationships, which in turn causes break-ups.