Thursday, April 22, 2010

Study Claims People With Vitiligo Have Skin Cancer Protection

Michael Jackson

A study claims people with the skin whitening disorder Vitiligo, "May have skin cancer protection." This is odd, considering the most famous confirmed Vitiligo sufferer, the late pop star, Michael Jackson, was photographed leaving his dermatologist's office, with a medical bag attached to his person, bearing the label "skin cancer."

However, it should be stated, any study group containing Jackson (medical history), would also have to take into account, the cancer promoting skin bleaching creams he frequently used (Apparently, based on medical reports, on a daily basis in large quantities).

It should also be noted, many Vitiligo sufferers have remnant pigment and melanin.

People with vitiligo 'may have skin cancer protection'

People with the skin disease vitiligo may have natural protection against skin cancer, a study suggests. The condition, affecting one in 200, causes pale skin patches that lack pigment and burn easily - leading to an assumed increased risk of skin