Thursday, April 22, 2010

Steven Seagal Sexually Harassed Ray Charles' Granddaughter

Steven Seagal

Martial arts action star, Steven Seagal, who has been sued by Kayden Nguyen, has another woman to add to the nearly one dozen women, famous and unknown, that have accused him of sexual assault.

This time it is the granddaughter of the late, legendary singer and musician, Ray Charles. Blair Robinson stated she met, Seagal, at her granddad's funeral. He offered her a job to work as his personal assistant, on one of his films, while shooting on location.

Kayden Nguyen

On the first day of work, Seagal entered her room and informed Robinson she would have to massage him as apart of her job duties. Then, he began sexually harassing her, via giving her a back massage without permission.

She left after the first day and recently stated in a deposition for Nyguen's lawyer, "It became clear that Seagal expected her to perform sexual favors."

Blair Robinson

The sad part is, Seagal is one of many famous men that behave this way - like spoiled brats in a candy store, believing they are entitled to take everything they want. There is no "Hi, I would like to take you out some time" - it's immediately put your hands on the woman without consent.

Keep it up Steven and someone's going to kick you in your dojo.


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Blair Robinson, Granddaughter of Singer, Ray Charles Identified as Another Steven Seagal Sexual Harassment Victim

Published April 21, 2010 - The trouble keeps piling up for actor, Steven Seagal. According to several online sources, two additional women have come forward and have added their names to the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Seagal's former
personal assistant, Kayden Nguyen. While the identity of one of the women at this time remains unknown, the other woman has been identified as Blair Robinson, the granddaughter of singer Ray Charles.