Monday, April 5, 2010

Screenwriter Surprised At Megan Fox Flop

Megan Fox

Screenwriter Diablo Cody is surprised Megan Fox was unable to put behinds in theatre seats for her sick film "Jennifer's Body." Cody thought Fox's looks would compel moviegoers to purchase tickets, but the movie terribly bombed and brought the actress much ridicule, as life grew difficult outside of the "Transformers" bubble.

Plastic surgery and Michael Bay gave Megan Fox a career - it doesn't mean it was gained on merit or talent. Fox's personality has repulsed many audiences, who have labeled her eye candy with a very bad attitude, gross habits and an out of control ego.

Cody: 'Boys didn't come out for Megan Fox'

Saturday, April 3 2010, 6:36pm EDT - Diablo Cody has admitted that she's "surprised" more boys didn't come out and see Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body...