Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gang Stalking - Part 3

Phoebe Prince

The tragic death of 15-year-old, Phoebe Prince, an Irish immigrant, who was gang stalked, bulled, sexually assaulted and relentlessly hounded by 9 of her classmates, have enraged many parents of kids at her school in Boston, Massachusetts. They are demanding answers as to why no one on the school's faculty, who witnessed the misconduct, put a stop to it or referred it to the authorities.

Indeed. Why did no one help this child. Many in Boston and around the world, believe members of faculty at the school should have been charged as well, in addition to the 9 students that waged the malicious gang stalking campaign, with one even desecrating her Facebook page after Prince's death, pleased with the results of their criminal conduct that drove her to suicide.
The school should have done something. When you are in a position of authority and knowingly allow an innocent person to be abused and killed, you are an accessory to the criminal misconduct. No excuses. A young woman lost her life, because no one would help her.
Dehumanizing and destroying someone for being vulnerable, shy, weak or "different" as some say, is cruel, vile and inhumane.

Under U.S. law, it is a crime (felony) to stalk, cyberstalk, harass, terrorize and or sexually assault a person. The students that engaged in said misconduct should have been arrested and charged with crimes, then sent to a juvenile detention center, prior to Prince killing herself, as she sadly saw it as the only way out of the unrelenting abuse. It never should have gotten to that point.

However, as the school's faculty failed in this case, sadly, often authorities do as well, when they are informed of such misconduct transpiring against others.

The FBI, charged with America's civil rights needs, is particularly criminally negligent in this regard in cases, especially those with money or prominent people's freedom at stake. It's very easy to see how poor Phoebe's plight went ignored, though the signs of criminal misconduct against her, were out in the open for all around to see.

Austin Renaud
In related news, one of the students that was indicted for gang stalking Phoebe, an 18-year old man named, Austin Renaud, was arrested this past weekend for drunk driving. This misconduct will negatively impact his standing in the Prince case.

Teen Charged in Phoebe Prince Bullying Case is Arrested

Posted: April 20, 2010 06:30 PM EDT - NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) -- A
Springfield teen charged in connection with the Phoebe Prince bullying case has
found himself in trouble with the law again.

Austin Renaud, 18, was arrested over the weekend in Holyoke and charged
with operating under the influence.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges Tuesday in Holyoke District

Phoebe Prince was allegedly bullied relentlessly before she
committed suicide in January.

April 9, 2010 01:31 PM - Governor Deval Patrick said this morning that
South Hadley school officials should be "held accountable" for their handling of
the bullying that preceded Phoebe Prince's suicide, describing reports that
Prince had personally turned to administrators for help as "outrageous."

"I'm telling you, this is outrageous, what you and I and others are
reading and hearing about this," Patrick said in a radio interview on WTKK-FM.
"The more we hear, the worse it sounds."

Parent describes Phoebe Prince's agonizing final days at

Friday, April 2, 2010 - Updated 25d 3h ago - SOUTH HADLEY - In the
final months of Phoebe Prince’s short life, it was open season on the vulnerable
high school freshman as an evil brood of cruel teens allegedly orchestrated a
series of vicious attacks - carried out at times in front of school staff who
failed to step in and protect her.

Days after nine teens were charged with criminally harassing Prince,
the town is abuzz with tales of the torment the 15-year-old Irish immigrant
endured before her Jan. 14 suicide.The disturbing new details that emerged show
a pattern of harassment that intensified in Prince’s sad last days - and even
followed her to the grave.

Indeed, on the day Phoebe died, one of the accused bullies wrote
“accomplished” as her status on her Facebook page, according to the mother of a
schoolmate of Prince, who requested anonymity because she fears reprisals
against her daughter...

Sayer, however, defended a staff member who was allegedly present when
Prince was attacked while studying in the library during lunch - hours before
she went home and hanged herself...