Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Face Of Jesus Recreated From Burial Shroud

The History Channel is prepping an amazing documentary for an April 3, 2010 release, entitled "The Real Face Of Jesus." The Shroud Of Turin, which is the linen garment the body of Jesus is said to have been wrapped in, after He was crucified, three days before He rose from the dead, was examined by forensic experts, who discovered an imprint.

Using modern technology, the imprint was transferred to computer to create a digital recreation of what He is believed to look like.

The computer rendered, illustrated photographs are amazing. On the one hand, it makes you want to cry at the brutalization He endured, but at the same time, it is a reminder of His sacrifice for humanity.

Many people have painted Jesus as blond with blue eyes, but in the photos, He is much like the Bible describes Him - a Jewish man with woolly hair. Though He appears somewhat pale in some photos, He also has tanned skin, due to the region He came from and the fact He walked everywhere. I think His facial features, as shown in the Shroud photographs are impressive.

At the end of the day, when Someone so blesses your life and saves your soul, what He looks like could never be an issue.

P.S. - there is a British actor the reconstructed face of Jesus resembles, but I am struggling to recall his name at the moment. If I remember it, I will update the article.

Update 4-1-10 @ 12:37 AM - in the second photograph, the lower half of the forensically reconstructed Face has a slight resemblance to actor Jeremy Northam.