Friday, April 30, 2010

Congressional Pay Cap

The U.S. House of Representative has approve a measure blocking pay raises for Congress. Each year, their pay is raised by $1,600. As America is still in the midst of a massive economic downturn, which has surpassed the Great Depression in some categories of commerce and national statistics, such financial increases on six figure Congressional salaries, is not appropriate.

It would in essence, be rewarding failure. The failure to legislatively act in a timely manner, to prevent the crisis. After all, there were warnings, beginning in 2006, that something bad was coming.

The sad part is, based on the response to the current crisis and the lack of reform, another one is one the way in America that will be worse, if direct, decisive and very clever action is not taken (Based on site stats many members of Congress read this website). Congress needs to get on the ball regarding the economy, financial reform and justice against lawbreakers in this sector.

Considering, the Congress failed the American people in not reining in the corporate sector that caused the current, terrible financial crisis, pay rewards are not in order. If Corporate America doesn't deserve pay raises for causing this mess, neither does Congress for letting it happen, as some are too rich and famous to be held accountable for their actions. Those that deteriorate society should not be rewarded.

People like doctors, nurses, teachers and scientists deserve financial rewards, as they constructively contribute to society everyday, playing a vital role in helping others.

House approves measure blocking congressional pay raise

Tuesday, April 27, 2010; 6:07 PM - The House of Representatives passed
a bill Tuesday would block lawmakers from getting their scheduled $1,600 raise
for next year, a symbolic measure designed to show Congress understands the
angst of voters suffering from the recession.

The measure, a similar to one passed unanimously in the Senate last
week, would keep members' salaries at $174,000, rather than funding a raise that
is based on a formula that reflects adjustments in salaries for workers outside
of the government. Under the pay system, congressional pay automatically
increases each year unless the body votes to block an increase...