Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Britney Spears Dad Orders Her To Wear Bras


Britney Spears

Britney Spears' dad, Jamie, is tired of the Sony Music pop star parading around braless, as is most of the internet blogosphere, who have been begging her for years to wear a bra. Now, as her conservator, he has put his foot down, ordering her to put a bra on.

Spears often goes around looking confused, disheveled, disoriented and unwashed, testifying to her mental state. Her clothes are full of stains and mismatched, while her weave is matted and uncombed. The braless look was constantly the lewd finishing touch on her disastrous public appearances.
Britney Spears 'Banned From Bra-Less Outfits'

14:41, Friday, 23 April 2010 - Her dad Jamie "hates pics of her
with her nipples all over the place"... Britney Spears has reportedly been banned from wearing outfits without a bra…by her dad Jamie.