Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adopted Russian Child Sent Back Home Alone

A family in the U.S. state of Tennessee, headed by Torry Hansen, adopted a 9-year-old boy from Russia named Artem Saveliev (renamed Justin Hansen), only to send him back to his native country, by plane and alone, with a note stating he is crazy and they cannot keep him.

The case has sparked an international incident. Hansen stated the Russian agency lied to her about the boy, not disclosing he has "psychological" problems. She says he threatened to burn their house down. She makes him sound like the boy from the movie "Problem Child."

Artem Saveliev

After being questioned in Russia, the boy told the government his adoptive mother, Torry Hansen, has not been hitting him, but has been abusing him by constantly pulling his hair. Authorities in both nations are investigating the allegations.

Adopted Russian boy, 7, returned by US mother on one-way flight to Moscow... alone

Published: 6:23PM BST 09 Apr 2010 - A US nurse put a seven-year-old Siberian boy she had adopted from a Russian orphanage on a one-way flight to Moscow with a note saying "I no longer wish to parent this child", when she found she could no longer cope with him.

A confused and upset-looking Artem Saveliev arrived unaccompanied in Moscow on a flight from Tennessee via Washington, on Thursday...

On his arrival, he gave immigration officials a typed note from his adoptive mother, Torry Ann Hansen, a nurse from Shelbyville, Tennessee, explaining in two succinct paragraphs why she no longer wanted a boy she adopted in September last year.

Russia’s foreign minister said that Moscow planned to halt the adoption of its children by US citizens after the case provoked widespread anger in Russia. Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, called the boy’s treatment a “monstrous deed”.