Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Report: Eric Holder's Job In Jeopardy

Eric Holder

According to several mainstream reports, the job of U.S. Attorney, Eric Holder is in jeopardy. After upsetting the people of New York with preparations to hold terrorism trials in the vicinity of the September 11th crash site, embarrassing clashes and faux pas in Congress, making statements that contradicted U.S. generals in the Middle East and noted incidents of him hiding his legal briefs from Congress and separately Freedom of Information files from numerous requesters, Holder has not only fallen afoul of the American people, but the U.S. Congress as well...all in less than one year.

Holder's future uncertain amid terror trial disputes

Mar 21 07:30 PM US/Eastern - US Attorney General Eric Holder took office pledging a sharp shift away from the last administration's policies, but an apparent change of heart in the White House could see the top lawyer leave his job.

Holder, 59, is the first African-American to hold the top legal post, and was generally regarded with bipartisan respect when he took office.

But a series of gaffes, fights with both Republicans and Democrats, and apparent disagreements between him and the White House have left Holder looking increasingly embattled.

He came under renewed fire when he told lawmakers Tuesday that Osama bin Laden would not be captured alive, and that US officials would read legal rights to the Al-Qaeda leader's corpse.

But the ridicule and attacks that followed are only the latest blows Holder has faced in the 14 months since he took office pledging to reverse the worst "war on terror" legal abuses sanctioned by former president George W. Bush's administration.

Ultra-conservative activists have questioned his ethics and even his patriotism over his decision to hire lawyers who defended terror suspects to Justice Department posts...