Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama Facing More Controversy Over Rahm

U.S. President Barack Obama

Last week, Obama's self-proclaimed "Chicago mafia" lost one of its members to a resignation, when the nation's first black Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers, regrettably vacated her post, due to the scandal the Salahis created in crashing a White House state dinner.

This week, the pressure is on for Obama to rein in or relieve Rahm Emanuel of his duties as Chief-Of-Staff. The Judiciary Report does not agree with Rahm's tinseltown tactics in government, as it needs to be left where it belongs, in Hollywood.

There's no place for Hollywood styled decision-making in government, as that is an oxymoron. Most Hollywood shot callers make said plays with a trail of cocaine up their noses, hence the flamboyance, flagrance and lack of frugality and fiduciary responsibility. That does not have any place in a house of government.

Rahm Emanuel

The nation would also be well served in taking a closer look at President Obama's financial advisors, as they are running amok, dispensing terrible advice the President is following to the letter.

America is going to be a very different place by the end of Obama's term if this keeps up. Poverty and financial ruin are on the way with the policies they have set in motion, which they refuse to listen to sound advice on, believing they can suspend the laws of mathematics. Einstein couldn't do it, neither can you.