Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life In Prison For Woman That Set Stripper On Fire

Rianne Theriault-Odom

Rianne Theriault-Odom, 28, has been sentenced to life in prison for dousing a stripper with gasoline hidden in a soda can, then setting her on fire. She was convicted of torture and aggravated mayhem.

Roberta Busby (before and after the attack)

Roberta Busby, 28, was put through terrible physical and emotional pain, when Theriault-Odom lashed out at her in an act of revenge and rage, for not hiring her to work as a stripper at the "Babes & Beer" strip club. Busby has been left disfigured by the horrible attack and welcomed the judge's sentence of life in prison for Theriault-Odom.

Roberta Busby, Stripper Set on Fire, Blasts Attacker: You'll "Answer to God"

March 5, 2010 4:20 PM - LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) Theriault-Odom, mother of four, was sentenced in Van Nuys Superior Court for the Feb. 5, 2009 attack on Roberta Busby, a 28-year old stripper from Simi Valley. The two women had been feuding when Theriault-Odom doused Busby with gasoline from a soda bottle and set her on fire at a club called "Babes & Beer." Employees and patrons used curtains to put out the flames...

Busby, mother of two, told her attacker through a letter in court, "Now you're going to feel the same heartache that I felt when I couldn't hug, kiss or play with my kids or even talk to my kids."

"I guess I'll never know what was going through your mind that night, but one day you'll have to answer to God, and that's more justice than any prison can do to you," Busby said...