Monday, March 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Sued By Ex-Boyfriend

Lady Gaga

Singer Lady Gaga has been sued for $30 million dollars, by ex-boyfriend and producer, Rob Fusari. He stated in a lawsuit that he shaped the singer as an artist, co-wrote several of her tunes and even gave her the stage name Lady Gaga. He contends she promised him 20% of her future earnings in he event she became successful, but she has now reneged and he wants his cut of the profits. She has responded to his claims by branding them unlawful.

Basically, Lady Gaga slept with Fusari, who was already established, to get ahead in the music industry. He took advantage of her desperation to make it, by requesting a higher than normal cut of the profits for someone in his position. Now she is famous, knows better based on what others have probably told her and backed out of the deal, though he already delivered the goods.

Rob Fusari

He is not her manager and most producers do not receive that much compensation (20% of every dime she makes is high). However, the deal she made with Fusari is enforceable, even if it is unethical.

Fusari recently complained regarding crooked, money grubbing, racketeering singer Beyonce and her equally corrupt dad, Matthew Knowles, robbing him of writer's credit for the song "Bootylicious" in one of many fraudulent attempts to make illiterate Beyonce, look like a songwriter, in criminal misconduct that has been done to many real songwriters that have encountered the thieving family.

Lady Gaga responds to suit filed by ex-boyfriend

In a court filing made public Friday, Lady Gaga alleges a lawsuit filed by ex-boyfriend/music producer Rob Fusari is only a cover to collect “unlawful compensation” for services as an unlicensed employment agent, according to a press report. Fusari’s lawyer, Robert S. Meloni, called the claim “ludicrous.”

Fusari, a song writer and music producer, filed the lawsuit Wednesday in New York City against Gaga. He claimed his former girlfriend, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, dropped his services as her career flourished. He alleged they co-wrote songs such as “Paparazzi” and “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” and that he came up with her stage name.

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