Friday, March 19, 2010

Eric Holder Excoriated In Congress

Video: Holder: Osama Bin Laden Will Never Face US Trial

U.S. President Barack Obama chose friend, Eric Holder, to be the nation's Attorney General. Holder has gotten himself into more trouble during his first year than any Attorney General in recent memory.

He testified in Congress this week that mass-murdering terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, is legally comparable to cultist killer, Charles Manson. His response drew the anger of the Congressional committee, who firmly believes terrorists should not be tried in civilian court.

Manson and Bin Laden are not in the same league of bloodshed, with the latter's body count being in thousands, while the former's remains in single digits.

Holder also put his foot in his mouth by declaring Bin Laden will be tried in court as a dead person, prompting the U.S. military to release a statement that they seek to bring him in alive.