Friday, February 19, 2010

Madonna Is Jealous Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Madonna

Pop psycho Madonna, is jealous of newcomer, Lady Gaga, believing she has replaced her in mainstream music (well, she has). Lady Gaga's meteoric rise to fame has destroyed Madonna's ego.

She has been asking in industry circles, why the press has to cover Lady Gaga so much. Madonna is still trying to vie for a place in modern music, not accepting the fact, it has moved on without her. Badgering and bugging blogs and magazine editors for prime coverage isn't going to make the public like her.

Many view Lady Gaga as the new Madonna, only with talent, because as everyone knows, the latter cannot sing and is evil and nasty beyond anything music has ever seen.

Lady Gaga has gained recognition for something Madonna always wanted, but never achieved, the ability to sing. Lady Gaga won more mainstream awards and accolades, such as Grammys, in 1/10th the time it took Madonna (and when the latter won, it required a massive campaign, begging people to vote for her and offering inducements).

It is burning Madonna that people have referred to Lady Gaga as talented, while she never drew such compliments that weren't paid for, not to mention, she is being referred to as a has been.


However, Lady Gaga is heading towards catastrophe and if she is not careful, obscurity, as she has gotten involved with Madonna's mind numbing Kabbalah cult. She must want to end up in a psych ward or under a conservatorship ala Britney Spears.

She was recently seen wandering around in public looking dazed, with a huge, gaping wound on her left hand and fresh wounds/marks/cuts on her legs. She looked more alive and coherent this time last year, pre-Kabbalah. Now, she looks out of it and dazed all the time. With Kabbalah already in the picture, I do not think Lady Gaga will go the distance as an artist. She's already showing signs of trouble.

Last month, Madonna asked Lady Gaga to pay homage to her, by dressing up as her (Madonna) in her hey day, which is long gone. Gaga uncomfortably obliged and fell over on stage twice like she was a zombie. Madonna was looking for PR and hoped being associated with Lady Gaga would put her in well in the public's consciousness, but it didn't work, as many ignored the gesture, deeming Madonna's time has passed.

Madonna is gearing up for a new album, the first since she left Warner Bros, the label she started with and stole tremendous amounts of copyrights from many people, to maintain a fraudulent career with. She is hoping to cash in on the Lady Gaga craze with her next CD. She wants to match the younger singer's success. Don't hold your breath...or break your hip.


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