Friday, February 5, 2010

John Terry's Mistress Got Around

Terry 'Affair' Model In Media Bidding War

Vanessa Perkiest Perroncell, the mistress of England captain, John Terry, has had sex with a number of British soccer players and a musician, Lee Evans, formerly of the pop band, Steps. The first few letters of her name make for a certain type of Spanish punchline headline.

John and Toni Terry wedding photo

People are stunned at the number of men she has been linked with, but for the celebrity world, she is not so unusual. Many women become cocktail waitresses and video models, to trap famous men into financially taking care of them, with the ultimate goal of marriage.

John Terry

She is also being referred to as French in many articles, which she is, but it is not necessary to keep repeating it. Let's not be xenophobic, as there are bimbos, trollops and tramps in every country. Whoredom knows no nationality.

Vanessa Perroncell, who looks like actress Mischa Barton, is being paid large sums for stories, which is wrong considering the damage she has caused

No matter the country, there is always a woman or man, willing to betray others through sexually inappropriate relationships. It is sad people hurt others in this manner. Fidelity is better.