Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cheryl Cole's Husband Involved In Another Sex Scandal - Part 2

Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole

Copyright infringer Cheryl Cole picked up her cheating husband, Ashley Cole, from a hospital in London, after he sustained a broken ankle during a football match, playing for team Chelsea FC. A tired looking Ashley was in the backseat sleeping, while Cheryl sat in the front, holding her head in distress, with a sad look on her face, no doubt thanks to stories in the press he has cheated on her once again.

More details on Ashley's philandering have come to light. A voluptuous model, Sonia Wild, claims Ashley sent her nude photos of him using his mobile phone. She sent him nude photos in return and the two agree to meet for sex. However, Ashley in now claiming it was a "Pay As You Go" mobile phone and that he gave it to his friend and said person sent them to the model.

Sonia Wild

Said story now makes even less sense than before, leading the Judiciary Report to believe Cole is lying. A multi-millionaire celebrity, who drives sports cars and lives in a $7,000,000 home using a "Pay As You Go" phone, rather than the ubiquitous Blackberry or iPhone, is not a believable story.

People use "Pay As You Go" phones when they are on a budget or seek to make calls they do not want traced, hence the low priced disposable phone. It grants the impression Cole was hiding something, hence him using said "Pay As You Go" phone.


Cheryl Cole's Husband Involved In Another Sex Scandal

You've got some explaining to do: Grim-faced Cheryl picks up Ashley from hospital after sex photo scandal

Last updated at 3:51 PM on 13th February 2010 - Grim-faced Cheryl Cole proved she is no rush to forgive husband Ashley Cole as she picked him from hospital last night.

The 26-year-old singer is said to have reached 'crisis point' with her husband after photographs showing the footballer naked were sent to a topless model's mobile phone.

The sportsman's carelessness with his mobile phone has caused Cheryl great humiliation, as was evident when the pair headed home following Cole's operation on his broken ankle.

Cole appeared to be sleeping in the back seat of the chauffeur-driven car, while Cheryl sat in the front looking glum.

The latest scandal for Cheryl and Cole came after model Sonia Wild, 28, claimed to have received the pictures of the Chelsea defender along with suggestive text messages.

Miss Wild says she replied with naked images of herself and claims she had 'text sex' with the player.

This will ensure a difficult time for 29-year-old Cole at home, where he will be spending more time than usual after breaking his ankle on Wednesday.

The £82,000-a-week footballer has admitted taking the pictures of himself on a mobile while staying with the England squad at a hotel in Watford.

But he denies sending them to Miss Wild, claiming he passed on the unregistered pay-as-you-go phone to close friend Jay Wynters, who in turn gave it to another friend. That friend is said to have found the images and sent them to the model.

Sonia Wild

'We had text sex': Sonia Wild, picutred out partying, thought Ashley Cole had sent the picture himself and returned the favour with her own sexy images

'Someone has used it to pretend to be me,' said Cole. 'I would laugh if my foot didn't hurt so much.' ...