Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheryl Cole Is A Liar

Cheryl Cole

Copyright infringing singer, Cheryl Cole, flat out lied to OK Magazine last month in claiming the rip-off song she sings "Fight For This Love" was written about her troubled marriage:

"She also admitted her single Fight For This Love was inspired by her marriage: 'I can completely identify with what that song is saying... Every woman who has been in a relationship knows what I'm talking about.'" -

Well, how does she explain that the song I wrote that she ripped off was in the Library of Congress/Copyright Office, registered to me, FOUR YEARS before she stole it.

She claims the song is about her tumultuous marriage to Chelsea FC football player, Ashley Cole, but the song was written BEFORE SHE EVEN MET OR MARRIED HIM.

These are questions you will have to answer in court, Cheryl. I was wondering which jurisdiction to sue you in, what with your criminal record and all, for viciously punching a black toilet attendant in the face and calling her the racial slur "a Caribbean Jigaboo" and "black bit*h" when she told her she had to pay for a lollipop she stole in a nightclub. Well, aren't you a nasty little piece of work. Apparently, you believe in stealing as a way of life.

Sophie Amogbokpa was attacked by Cheryl Cole

You were criminally passed the songs by Sony's Simon Cowell, who owns the show X-Factor, which you've been appearing on for the past year as a judge, when you should be standing before one for being a criminal. What you did is called criminally receiving stolen goods and money laundering.

The first three singles from her debut album have been criminally taken from my years old Copyrighted Catalog. She is definitely apart of the criminal misconduct and knows exactly what's going on, as there were additional illegally copied files that she utilized in her personal life, which later became public, that had nothing to do with the songs, which the Judiciary Report will cover shortly.

Club boss tells of Girls Aloud star's 'aggression'

14.10.03 - Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy demanded that a lavatory attendant whose eye she had punched be brought back to her so she could "give her another one", a court heard today.

The singer was shouting racial insults after the fracas at The Drink nightclub in Guildford in January, Kingston Crown Court was told...

The row broke out after Tweedy grabbed lollipops from a bowl in the lavatories and refused when Ms Amogbokpa, 39, asked her to pay for them, the court has heard.

Mr Endersby said of Tweedy: "She was very aggressive... saying things like, 'Get her up here, that black bit*h'."

Mr Endersby told the court that Tweedy then said to the room at large: "Go and get that Caribbean jigaboo back up here and I will give her another one."...

Cheryl's Ashley Reveal

11:39AM, Feb 15, 2010 - It looks like things are a bit tough for Cheryl Cole and husband Ashley. They've been through tough times before but will they get through the latest drama to hit the headlines?

Before last week's allegations that Ashley sent racy photo messages to a glamour girl, Cheryl spoke to Hello! magazine about her marriage to the Chelsea footballer.

"If it's worth fighting for, then fight,' Cheryl confessed. "You don't have to just give up when two people who love each other have a few problems."

Cheryl made it clear she has never defended Ashley in relation to his previous alleged infidelity, but through all the hardships they still love each other: "You've got to work on your relationship. Sometimes one of you makes a mistake, sometimes the other. Nevertheless, anyone who throws in the towel ends up achieving nothing."

She also admitted her single Fight For This Love was inspired by her marriage: "I can completely identify with what that song is saying... Every woman who has been in a relationship knows what I'm talking about."

But, through all the dramas, she told the magazine: "I'd like to start a family with Ashley. Not this year, but I don't want to wait forever to have children."

These plans might be put on hold following further claims today by The Sun that her footballer husband has sent texts to a second girl.

Cheryl's people have "no comment" to make on the news and we are currently waiting to hear back from Ashley's reps.