Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spoiled Rich Kids

Sean Combs and son Justin Combs

To celebrate his MTV Sweet 16 birthday party, rapper and Badboy CEO, Sean "Puffy" Combs, gave his 16-year-old son, Justin, a $350,000 Mercedes Maybach with a driver. He lavishes expensive gifts on his sons in conduct other celebrities have done. But it is not in the best interest of children that parents do so.

Already, the public has seen Justin Combs dirty dancing in an adult nightclub at age 14, with a woman old enough to be his mother. We've seen the younger, underage Combs and his brothers dancing inappropriately in a YouTube video that was later pulled.

When one views the wrecked the lives of children belonging to wealthy parents, one understands why kids should not have everything they ask for, nor should they be spoiled with a constant stream of expensive gifts.

$350,000 Maybach Sean Combs gave 16-year-old son

For example, socialite Paris Hilton and her underage brother were spoilt growing up, as a result, they are disrespectful, drunken, drug abusers, who have been arrested.

As they were so accustomed to evading the consequences of their actions, they believed daddy's money, which they did not earn, was to get them out of jail and responsibility.

They disrespect minorities and the poor, using racial slurs and disses in calling people broke, when they've lived their lives off an ancestor's business they had nothing to do with building or expanding.

Justin Combs, Sean Combs and Justin's mother Misa

They fritter their time away doing foolishness, not contributing anything significant to humanity. Paris now earns a questionable living off porn DVDs and other salacious products, disgracing the Hilton name.

Kids need boundaries, discipline, structure, modest allowances and work ethic. Giving them huge allowances will ensure the money shall go to unorthodox and unhealthy things - such as drugs and expensive items that attract trouble.

Giving kids everything in life, without making them work for it, shall ensure they will go through life believing everything must be handed to them. If the money disappears, they will be dysfunctional and without support or any real meaning or understanding of the world around them.

This is why Hollywood seldom raises successful children, who don't grow up to be depraved lunatics. There are some children of Hollywood stars that turned out okay, but it is usually the older stars who are in their 60s and higher.

It's one thing when one disciplines one's child, raising them with good values and the understanding of hard work and integrity, yet they rebel, even for a time. But it's quite another spoiling them, as that is pushing them into trouble.

Children need to be trained in the ways of decency and protected from unsavory influences. Given Sean Combs' track record in influencing people's children, there is reason to be concerned for his kids (for further reference, see singer Usher, who stated Combs exposed him to a wild lifestyle of drug use and threesomes with women, when he was only 15-years-of-age). Stop exposing them to your lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll. You are gong to end up raising wasteful, weed smoking gigolos, wreaking havoc on young women. The Lord will take that up with you.