Saturday, January 23, 2010

Child Trafficking Concerns In Haiti After Quake

Aid agencies are concerned that child trafficking will transpire in Haiti, due to the circumstances surrounding the 7.0 earthquake that recently hit the island.

Video: Haiti to Relocate 400,000 Quake Homeless

Many international adoption agencies are against children being removed from their parents care in Haiti and placed in adoptive homes abroad. The best solution is to get aid into Haiti as quickly as possible, to help keep families together and raise the standard of living.

Unicef Says 15 Kids Snatched from Hospitals in Haiti

GENEVA – At least 15 children have disappeared from Haiti’s hospitals since the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation, the United Nations Children’s Fund said Friday.

“We have documented around 15 cases of children disappearing from hospitals and not with their own family at the time,” Unicef adviser Jean-Luc Legrand said in Geneva...

An estimated 3 million people – a third of Haiti’s population – have been affected by the quake, and as many as 200,000 may have died...

Haiti earthquake: aid agencies fear child trafficking

Friday 22 January 2010 18.56 GMT - Haitian Red Cross volunteer Jean Zacharie helps one-month-old Deborah Fatima in Port-au-Prince, where her mother died in the 12 January earthquake. Amid the chaos and destruction, aid agencies fear children missing from hospital may have been stolen by child trafficking gangs.

Aid agencies continued to warn against adopting children from Haiti today, amid unconfirmed reports that a number of children who had gone missing from hospitals in the devastated country may have been trafficked.

An adviser for Unicef told reporters that about 15 children had disappeared from hospitals, presumed taken...

Bethany Christian Services, a US adoption agency, said it had received more than 1,000 requests for adoption applications, while the Joint Council on International Children's Services, a US advocacy organisation, said it had received 150 enquiries about Haitian adoption in three days, compared with 10 a month normally...