Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Recycling Barack Obama’s Failed Policies And Promises From 2008 Election

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Wednesday night's presidential debate between Republican, Donald Trump and Democrat, Hillary Clinton, revealed she is recycling President Barack Obama's unsuccessful campaign platform promises from 2008, where he defeated her in the election to become America's head of state. Both candidates clearly stated their political perspectives and vision for America. However, Clinton's vision is the same as Obama's which has not worked out well for America at all. 

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

When I heard Clinton speaking about her tax plan, it is the same nonsense Obama spouted 8-years ago, which has miserably failed. Clinton has publicly expressed the fact she wants to scrap ObamaCare, which the Judiciary Report has stated should be discontinued, but based on what she is saying, she is going to create HillaryCare on the same crappy premise. That too shall fail, as it's foundation is faulty.

Hillary Clinton

America has record high national debt and unemployment under Obama. Last quarter's jobs report was terrible and presents the slowest growth of any major world nation. The Obama Administration has deceitfully removed 94,000,000 unemployed Americans from the jobs report, due to the fact they can't find employment and stopped trying.

Hillary Clinton compared to gangster rap music stars...and based on her track record in tracking down and handling women who slept with her husband, I'd say Clinton is a gangster (LOL)

Clinton is not good with economics. Clinton's economic record in New York as senator is appallingly bad. Clinton promised New Yorkers 200,000 jobs, won the election as senator, then failed to create meaningful employment for constituents (Hillary Clinton Failed To Create The 200,000 Jobs She Promised As Senator In New York As She Is Not Good With The Economy). It will be more of the same if she is elected president.