Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are Rematches And Back To Back Title Fights A Good Idea In Boxing When A Fighter Is Coming Off A Loss

To rematch or not to rematch, that is the question. Are back to back title shots a good idea after a loss, that is also another question. If you have a boxer who has been soundly beaten in the ring by an opponent, arranging a rematch that could result in a similar loss, will be devastating to a fighter's confidence and career. Sometimes a rematch is simply not the best idea. However, you have to judge it based on certain factors, such as the probability of avenging the loss in the ring via a rematch, the current fitness of your fighter against that of the opponent who prevailed in the first outing and the point your fighter is at in their career. 
If it was a bad beating, a rematch is not a good idea. Cut your losses and move on. If your fighter is at an early stage in their career, somewhere between fight 1-15, a rematch and a second loss to the same fighter can prove very problematic wreaking havoc on the boxer's confidence, endorsement deals and earning potential, the caliber of fights you can make and general press regarding what will be stated by critics and fans. It's much easier to recover from back to back losses later in a career, as opposed to the early stages of it.

Back to back title shots after a loss is also a bit risky. To receive a title shot and lose happens. However, to get another title shot as the next fight and lose that one as well, it difficult. After losing a title shot, it is best to make a come back with a few warm up fights you know you can win, because if you lose two back to back title shots, it puts a major dent in one's career. Sometimes it is best to work one's way back up to another title shot, via a series of wins that rebuilds the confidence and improves one's skills.

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