Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Secret Service Shifts Almost Double The Hours Of A Standard Work Day Leading To Fatigue And Increasing Assassination Risk For President Obama

Barack Obama

This is a continuation of yesterday's article "Secret Service Lapses Putting President Obama At Risk Of Assassination" where a report issued by the Homeland Security Inspector General proved the Judiciary Report's previous claims correct regarding Secret Service agents shifts being too long (it was revealed this month agents are falling asleep on the job).

The average American work day is 8-hours. The average America work week is 5 days. Secret Service agents have been working 12-hours per day. After 8-hours of work, most people are understandably knackered. After all, we are human. To have Secret Service agents doing almost double those hours per work day, on a dangerous, risky job that requires one to be on high alert, is simply too much to ask. You are asking men and women to hold their concentration at a high level for 12-hours per day. That is mentally taxing and draining. It must be effecting their heart, creating anxiety issues, mental fatigue and problems with their nerves.

A study needs to be done on the mental and physical impact long shifts have on agents, who are charged with protecting heads of state and their families. I am certain agents' health is being negatively effected and that can't be good for national security. Shorter shifts, a one hour break per work day, at least one day off per week and an appropriate amount of vacation time each year, would be beneficial.   

Side Bar: Heads of state need fresh, well rested and alert people for those types of jobs or, to put it in street terms, that's how you get shot.