Monday, October 12, 2015

Criminals Who Tell On Themselves


They say there’s no such thing as the perfect crime and it is true, as criminal activity always catches up to people in one way or another. Police, news programs and social commentators refer to some people as dumb criminals for bragging about or showing off regarding their illegal exploits, only to end up in prison for foolishly telling on themselves. The arrogant criminal that taunts their victim, not realizing law enforcement is watching, is another example of a dumb criminal.

The boastful criminals that go online either showing off the spoils of their crimes or bragging about what they have illegally done, only for law enforcement to take notes and have them arrested, is a serious lesson in humility for those who take that route. Bragging about criminal behavior is one of the dumbest things you can do, especially when your boasts or taunts are on the internet (email, social networking) or via phone (calls, texts, messages). It leaves a digital trail that can be saved for future court use against the offender (and deleting it from the internet after won’t matter once a third party has saved it as a browser file or screencapped it).