Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Port Of Dover For Sale

British Prime Minister and Labour Party head, Gordon Brown

The British government, in the form of the Labour Party, is reportedly seeking to sell the national landmark, known as the White Cliffs of Dover, to the country of France, to reduce debt. This is wholly inappropriate.

Nothing against France, as it is a beautiful country as well, but if the British government had simply reduced exorbitant benefits payments a year ago, such measures would not be necessary today.

What's next? Are you gonna sell off Prince William. The bidding would go high on that one. But the Queen wouldn't be amused at Labour pimping her grandson, as they are PIMPING THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER.

Dame Vera Lynn aghast at Dover sale plans

Published: 10:00PM GMT 08 Feb 2010 - It is the song with which Dame Vera Lynn will always be associated, but the Forces’ sweetheart tells Mandrake that she will have little appetite for singing The White Cliffs of Dover if the port is sold off to foreign investors.

“I would feel very differently about it,” Dame Vera, 92, tells me. “The port should absolutely stay in British hands. It always has been and it should always be. It means so much to the boys who have sailed away from it and come back.” ...