Saturday, February 13, 2010

Megan Fox Did Have Hand Double

Megan Fox

Conceited actress, Megan Fox, got a bit of a reality check when Motorola, used a hand model, in their Super Bowl ad featuring her soaking in a tub, with too much collagen in her fake lips. The company in as much admitted it when queried.

Megan Fox in Motorola ad

Fox has a condition known as "clubbed thumbs" and since the commercial called for her to hold a Motorola mobile phone in her hand, they called in a thumb double (hand double).

Megan Fox hand double

Fox should be able to have the condition worked on via cosmetic surgery, if she is self-conscious regarding it. A good surgeon should be able to reduce some of the puffiness in the thumbs, even chipping off some of the bone and removing a small portion of the flesh in said appendage. As for the nail, it can be grown out and the cuticle pushed back, to give a more standard appearance.

Megan Fox's navel is being insulted

In other Megan Fox new, the New York Post is picking on her navel, labeling it a cat's eye, due to its appearance. Boy, everyone is taking Megan's ego down a notch.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

In more Megan Fox news, her boyfriend that she has lived with for the past 5-years, Brian Austin Green, has fallen behind on his mortgage payments, sending the $2 million dollar home they shared into foreclosure.

Fox's celebrity was not enough to sell the home, which has been on the market for months and as such, the mortgage is in arrears by $71,000. This leads the Judiciary Report to believe Fox's star has indeed fallen, as suspected for months, as properties popular celebrities own or lived in usually go pretty fast.


Megan Fox's "Toe Thumbs" Teased Again

Megan Fox has a weird belly button

February 11, 2010 - On Super Bowl Sunday everyone made a big deal about the fact a thumb-double was used for Megan Fox's Motorola ad since she's got Brachydactyly—or clubbed thumbs. But I'd like to focus on another atypical area of the actresses anatomy, her belly button.

In this video filmed during her Emporio Armani photoshoot, as the camera lingers over every inch of Megan's body with the precision of a peeping tom clutching a telephoto lens, I couldn't help but think, "I've never seen a belly button that looks like a cats eye before."...

Motorola Responds to Megan Fox 'Thumb Double' Accusations

Feb 11th 2010 By Brett Smiley - In a surprising development that is tearing up the blogosphere and confusing men everywhere, Megan Fox may or may not have used a body double for her Motorola Super Bowl ad.

But not for her body, really -- for her thumbs. If you haven't heard, Fox has a genetic condition called "brachydactyly" (or "clubbed thumb"), which refers to shortening of the fingers or toes...

Asylum spoke with Motorola and the ad agency, Anomaly, to get to the bottom of it. First, you be the judge: Take a look at Fox and her genuine, short thumb on the left, and thumb from the ad on the right.

In response to Asylum's question -- if Fox had a stand-in for her thumb close up -- Anomaly co-founder Jason DeLand said, "I cannot confirm or deny that."

"I've not heard it," said DeLand, when asked if he had heard about Fox's notoriously stumpy thumbs. "I'm hearing about it now ... All I know is what I see and read in popular press." Pressed further, DeLand told Asylum, "We're only concerned with how the ad has performed, and what it's doing for Motorola."

In response to the same question about a possible thumb-double, Motorola spokeswoman Tracey Thiele told Asylum via email: "It's part of our corporate policy not to comment on rumor or speculation."

Brian Austin Green behind on mortage payments

By Jon Boon Feb 12, 2010, 7:00 GMT - The boyfriend of Megan Fox is behind on his mortgage payments but his rep says it is part of a calculated real estate move.

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green owes $71,251.42, according to legal papers filed by SunTrust Mortgage Inc in Los Angeles.

The legal papers state Green took out a $2 million mortgage with the company in 2006...