Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paris Hilton To Start A Lingerie Line

Paris Hilton

In news that is too funny to pass up, sperm distillery, Paris Hilton, is starting a lingerie line. What are you going to call it, "Herpes by Hilton." Considering the world knows Hilton has herpes that's what people will be thinking of regarding this venture.

Paris Hilton to use push-up lingerie

Friday, 22 January , 2010, 11:51 - Socialite-heiress Paris Hilton has revealed she is planning to boost her assets with a new range of cleavage-enhancing lingerie...

"In my lingerie line, I have a bra that I designed for flat-chested girls and it makes your b***s look huge! People think it's fake. Everyone's like, 'Did you...?' I'm like 'No!' It makes me look like a double-D. I'm flat chested compared to most girls in Hollywood," she said.